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Healthy Lifestyle Is Medication February 17, 2011

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Healthy Lifestyle Is Medication

Healthy lifestyles would be the biggest risk towards the expansion and growth with the drug business. A current Forbes magazine cover article, “Pharma’s New Enemy: Clear Living,” totally addressed this subject from the position with the client also as the investor. Consider the following perspective from your write-up: “Do you seriously have to have all these prescription and over the counter pills you are popping? Perhaps not. There’s a backlash developing in opposition to the price, danger and unwanted effects of medication, and it’s bad news for your pharmaceutical industry.” 

This message was driven home even additional powerfully once the write-up noted: “The results of capsule dependence are insidious and devastating: billions of bucks in ever higher drug costs; countless people enduring sometimes extremely poisonous negative effects; and near to two million instances every yr of drug issues that result in 180,000 deaths of life threatening illnesses within the elderly.”

As the write-up notes, “Every few years the final health-related catastrophe: a miracle cure that turns out to be toxic.” (Think Vioxx, Avandia, hormone replacement treatment, Paxil, and also the like.) Every single drug can be a toxin! It employed to become that an apple a day would maintain the physician away The recommendation now is an aspirin per day will maintain the physician away. It turns out than an aspirin a day for a minimum of five years raises a woman’s possibility of creating breast cancer by 80 percent. I’d take my chances with the apple.

And when you get breast cancer, chances would be the medicines prescribed for that trigger additional harm than very good. Quite a few ladies have already been prescribed Tamoxifen. Study shows that Tamoxifen raises the possibility of incidence and death from uterine cancer.Even Some thing as seemingly harmless as more than the counter children’s cough medication might be deadly. A cough hardly ever kills a kid, but cough and cold medication just might. The CDC not too long ago launched a warning to parents right after more than one,500 infants and toddlers wound up in emergency rooms and three kids died due to the fact of reactions or overdoses of pediatric cold medicines. Behind the scenes, one physician admitted “fluids and patience are the most effective therapy.”

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