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Master Cleanse Detox Diet / Lemonade Diet October 28, 2010

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Master Cleanse Detox Diet / Lemonade Diet

Master Cleanse Detox Diet / Lemonade Diet

Toxins are usually eliminated by the routes of perspiration, bowel movements, urination, and even respiration. On the contrary, if your entire body is taking a lot more toxins than it can successfully eliminate then persistent toxicity may can possibly lead to diseases and infections. When the human body has the correct nutrition in sufficient amounts. The process of eliminating and removing toxins permits the body to do away with these undesirable substances successfully and as an end result you promote the system to naturally detoxify on a cellular level. Now the major organs like 1. our skin 2. the liver 3. the bowels 4.the lungs and 5. the kidneys will efficiently operate in optimal harmony promoting true health and wellness. Did you know that the root of most illnesses might be attributed to the presence of unwanted substances in your entire body or better yet reverse that statement and we can say the lack of needed substances in the entire body as well. For this really reason is why both diet plan and detox go hand in hand.

One of the most powerful and most popular diet detox regimens is the Lemon Cleanse also known as the Master Cleanse. This cleanse is famous not only for its detoxifying ability but also because it is very inexpensive to do and addresses our everyday exposure to environmental toxins like:

1. pollution
2. oxidative stress
3. colorings
4. flavorings
5. pesticides
6.household chemicals

One of the major concerns that is listed above is the use of household chemicals. Household chemicals is a major concern because they come with no warnings that they can be deadly over time. Because these toxins are mainly stored in our organs and embedded inside our fatty tissue, it is imperative that we remove them fast. Removal of these toxins will most definitely enhance the immune system and help you escape diseases of the old and new millennium.

Often Esteemed and praised for being the celebrities diet of choice. The Lemonade detox diet / Master Cleanse detox diet is also common to non celebrities as well and was originally created to remove environmental toxins. Although the controversy question of this detox diet whether it works or not has been published by hundreds of authors and not surprisingly there is no concrete evidence of the diets actual effectiveness. Honestly each and every one of our bodies is different so what works for me might not work for you. In a nutshell the conclusion of the effectiveness is plain and simple “You Be The Judge.”

The master cleanse Lemonade Detox Diet better refered to as the Master Cleanse detox diet a simple combination of

1 .filtered drinking water
2. fresh squeezed lemon juice
3. maple syrup
4. cayenne pepper.

Master Cleanse Detox Diet Recipe 10 day protocol:
(Warning: Food is not consumed with this diet if you have serious health problems check with your physician before starting a detox diet)

  • 8 oz water
  • 1/2 a lemon
  • 2 tbsp maple syrup
  • 1/10 tsp cayenne pepper

Lemons are helpful to treat and prevent digestion problems, can also be considered as a diuretic. Lemons are also helpful to treat skin problems especially acne or eczema and it can also prevent or control diabetes and osteoarthritis.

Maple syrup is a very good source of many vitamins and minerals, carbohydrates, potassium, calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, manganese, and protein.

Cayenne is used worldwide to treat a variety of health conditions, including poor circulation, weak digestion, heart disease, chronic pain, sore throats, headaches and toothache. Blood flow is also what carries out and removes waste material.

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